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Markers are driving me crazy!!

Seems like I search and search to find good quality markers that last, and when I do, they become unavailable somehow.  Last year I ordered the cheap ones from School Specialty and was horribly disappointed in the longevity and overall quality.  They came apart, lids didn’t stay on, some were dried up when they were new, and they just didn’t last.  That, and I didn’t realize that they were “smelly” markers, which kids love, but I hate because the focus shifts from the artwork to opening and sniffing all the colors.  (Frequently resulting in multicolored noses.)

So here’s my research project.  I ordered a pack or two of every type of marker I could find, and I’m dumping them all together in mixed-up baskets.  We’ll see who lives the longest.  It’s a showdown in the wild west, folks!  Place your wagers!

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  1. I will be waiting with bated breath for the results of this scientific experiment! Dried up markers, markers that only last a couple of lessons – I’ve almost given up! So THANK YOU!! I’d love you to visit me at Dream Painters 🙂

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