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Video Review: Getting to Know Color in Art

Unexpected box on my desk this morning!  It was my new copy of “Getting to Know Color in Art” from the folks at Getting to Know Inc, and serendipity was afoot, because I happened to be running a third grade lesson that didn’t quite fill the hour.  The third graders and I took the opportunity to screen the show, and we thought we’d let you know what we thought.

I use and enjoy the “World’s Greatest Artists” series, and I was curious whether “Color in Art” would have all that rambunctious  music and cartoon action that makes the “Greatest” series so enthralling.  While slightly less slick, it turned out to be engaging enough to get the job done. The video is divided into chapters, each thoroughly explaining a clearly defined topic or vocabulary word. (monochromatic, for example, or tint).  That was a good idea, because it lets a teacher take just a few minutes at the beginning of a class to introduce just the relevant topic.  It would also allow also the video to be consumed in smaller,  bite size pieces.  All at once, we found that it was a lot for my third graders to digest, and I doubt retention was terribly high.  However, with a quick organizer to fill in it would make a great intro to color for older grades, and could serve as a quiz to assess exit outcomes with a little finagling.

In all, the kids and I found it relevant, well organized and silly enough to keep kids’ attention.  The concepts were well illustrated with lots of goofy action and wacky sound effects.  Narration was done by kids, which was nice.  I found myself musing “I think I could make something like this…” but for the $30 it’s totally worth popping for it.  (Or better yet – get your friendly neighborhood library lady to order it!)

Good job, “Getting to Know” folks – and keep up the good work!


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