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Ojos de Dios – Second grade

Every year my second graders make these great God’s Eyes from willow sticks and donated yarn.  Even though they are a pain to store and prep for, I love them so much more than the kind you see on dowels or popsicle sticks.   Those natural sticks just give so much more personality to the finished product.  It’s also great to have a huge stash of donated yarn – wide variety of color and texture really makes these into a special keepsake.  I have each kid choose a special somebody in his or her life and make the project in honor of that person.  That way a little meaning can be brought into an otherwise “crafty” lesson, and we get to discuss yarn color and texture choice with regard to abstract concepts of memories and personality.  It’s great to see some of my boys making fuzzy soft pastel  Ojos in honor of  little baby siblings… they also do a great job recognizing parents, grandparents and sometimes even a special dog or horse!

Oh – and those “spiders” hanging down?  Those are extremely creative tassels!

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