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Exploring Figures in Paint, and Mixing Color

Blue Haired Kindergarten Clown

Blue Haired Kindergarten Clown

There’s a lot of research that demonstrates the value of painting in the development of young children.  Tons of things go on in a kid’s brain when she swipes a brush through a color and uses it to represent something from her world, or her imagination.  Color mixing in particular is a great brain bending exercise for youngsters that opens new and unexplored worlds.  Teachers (and parents) often find that kids have so much fun mixing the paint that all you end up with is a bunch of mixed up paint, so many are reluctant to share this valuable exercise with the youngest of artists.  My strategy is to limit the colors, so that whatever gets made will look great.  Day 1 – white, red and yellow.  Day 2 – white, blue and yellow.  Day 3 – white blue and red.  That way, the colors get to dry in between, the kid really gets to explore the variety of possibilities with each pair of primaries, and – well… the results look great!

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