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Do You Believe in Magic?

Here’s something new I tried with my kinders.  I ran across a third grade Dhurrie Dug  “Magic Carpet” lesson on the fabulous  “The Elementary Art Room!” by Megan Swartz and thought it might be a good intro to cutting and gluing paper with my littlest artists.  Turns out – it’s perfect.  Granted, these little guys haven’t developed the polish that an older artist might bring to the project, but we spent one session cutting stripes (The wavy/ziggy stripes were hard – next time I’ll just ask for straight stripes) the next session I showed them how to cut squares and triangles from stripes and how to use a folded piece of paper as a paintbrush and a puddle of glue on a scrap to manage teeny pieces of paper.  They loved making their patterns.  Finally I taught them how to make holes and attach the fringe.  They LOVED it.  The classroom was dead silent with intense focus as they applied their new skill to the edges of their paper.  I made the fringe-making optional so that if a kid found it too hard he/she could go back to making the patterns on the stripes.  The project was time-consuming (Next year I’ll allow four half-hour sessions) but the progression through skills was perfect and the enthusiasm was super high from my little rug makers!  We found a keeper!  (Love the blogosphere! – thanks Megan!)

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