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The Search For The Perfect Colored Pencil

Colored Pencils – art room staple, joy and headache of art teachers everywhere


I’m sure we’ve all had our experience with Crayola and other inexpensive pencils made for child use. While they certainly have their place in some settings I believe a higher quality pencil makes for a better experience in the art room.  My absolute favorite are these from Faber Castel.  Big, fat middles that lay down a nice rich layer of color and no breaking, falling out lead. Smooth sharpening, nice point holding, bright – I just love them.

This year I made a big mistake.  I  couldn’t find my trusty favorites so I bought a different kind.  Terrible idea!  The leads break and fall out, they can’t hold up to the electric sharpener and the set isn’t going to last past November!

So I’ll be spending some of that precious budget to re-purchase colored pencils.  Drat!  But you better believe I’ll get the good ones this time!

Stay tuned for the Sharpener Saga!!! ………. Dum dum dummmmm……



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